Selective Breeding for Dogs

Selective breeding is a phenomenon that’s been used across generations, but when it comes to dogs, it’s even more well-known. After all, there’s a reason why dogs are either classified as purebloods or mutts. Most pureblood dogs (dogs that are mated between their own species) are mated this way to keep their desirable traits cycling between the generations.

Back when dogs were used for certain jobs or purposes, rather than just looking adorable, the male and female dogs that were the strongest in those qualities were mated together. Then their offspring would often inherit the best of their qualities, and then be able to pass those down. Even today, there are several AKC french bulldog breeders who use selective breeding to produce bulldog puppies that will have some great traits.

Mutts, on the other hand, are dogs that were mated with outside of their species, and these generally form crossbreeds that are adorable! Who doesn’t love Labradoodles, corgipoms, and snoodles! (Yes those are all real crossbreeds.) They generally have a mix of features and abilities from both their parents and can provide a lot of uniqueness to a household. Plus, they might have features and abilities that can make them really useful.

AKC french bulldog breeders

Besides, at least with mutts, you don’t have to choose between different types of dogs. If you are stuck between choosing one or the other, perhaps you can get a crossbreed that combines the benefits of both dog types.

Every single dog, whether they are a pureblood or mixed blood, will still love you regardless and will need a great home no matter what. And unless you want to enter your dog in a contest or dog show, you’ll find there’s no difference between the two types of dogs. They’ll still be your best friend.