Horse Jumps Safer To Use

The main functional reason why horse jumps are safer to use these days is because they are made from wood. The same goes for horse cups and fences, all of which are used during training by both horse and rider on a course and subsequently during a showjumping event. Speaking of which, the wooden versions of horse jumps, fences and cups are just so much more attractive for the audience. They are also proving to be a nice drawcard for both horse and rider. A drawcard that goes beyond the aesthetics and is directly and mainly implicated for the sake of the horse’s safety and welfare.

kids horse jumps

It is undoubtedly a good idea to utilize wood in kids horse jumps. During their formative training exercises, kids and their young ponies may be more prone to making mistakes than the adults. They are far less patient to learn and perhaps do not imbibe the fear and doubt that encompasses overcoming their obstacles. It is a good idea for a young colt to be introduced to a child. It is from this age that a close bond can be established and as both horse and rider mature towards their adult years, the bond grows stronger.

There is a common understanding established between the horse and its rider. A kindred spirit seems to override the need for mutual co-operation. The case is made stronger for horses taking on the jumps not out of a sense of duty to the rider but out of its own desire to overcome the obstacle. Fair enough that the horse has been well-trained and ingrained to do so. Wooden horse jumps, cups and fences, unlike their plastic nemeses, do not cause the horse any serious or traumatic injuries should the obstacle not be breached.