The Safety Of The Horse & Its Rider

Because they are traveling on busy motorways most of the time, it is essential that responsible motorcyclists attire themselves accordingly. They are dressed from tip to toe in protective clothing, usually made from leather. And they even wear gloves and kneepads to aid their driving experience. Of course, it goes without saying that they are wearing their helmets as well, probably the most important aspect of their protective gear.

high visibility horse wear

The unthinking reader perhaps would have thought that the case for providing safety and security for a rider and his horse would not be so urgent. Of course, it is not quite a common site to see horse riders navigating busy downtown thoroughfares. They are on a ranch or out in the open fields for most of the time, are they not? So, why bother with protective gear then? Not so fast. Of course, horse and their riders never travel as fast as the motorcyclists do, but still, they ride fast enough, don’t they?

And what if they slip and fall and get lost where no-one is likely to see them? What then? Of course, both horse and rider must wear protective gear. To keep them visible, they both wear high visibility gear. The horse has its own high visibility horse wear. And the rider has his horse wear. And not only that, he is wearing his very own special helmet too. Because what if both horse and rider should slip and fall?

It might not be too serious for the horse, and thank goodness for that, but what if by chance the horse should fling the rider out of his saddle and he should fall into a ditch or against a tree and knock his head quite badly?

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